Oregon Ridge Nature Center School Programs

Seasonal Hikes

Investigate the natural phenomena associated with the specific season of the year. Animal behaviors and seasonal vegetation will be explored to highlight nature's internal clockwork.

Canoe Program

Explore Maryland's waterways and learn the natural and cultural history of the area. Use of investigative equipment will enhance the participants awareness concerning biodiversity. Minimum age: 10 years.

Maple Sugaring

Participants learn the traditional techniques of making maple sugar from raw sap. Emphasis will be on tree identification, tapping and collecting methods, and sampling of finished products. Seasonal availability: March


Explore the interrelationships between predator and prey through first hand observation, role playing and a hike.

Native Americans in Maryland

Investigate the world of the Woodland Indians. Who were they? What did they eat? How did they live? Emphasis will be direct hands-on participation.

The Meadow Community

Identify the living and non-living components of the meadow community. Hands on experiences using nets and magnifiers emphasized. Long pants recommended.

The Forest Community

Discuss the living and non-living components of the Oregon Ridge forest. Explore game trails, animal foods, and life zones of the forest.

Park History Hike

Explore the history of iron ore mining. Learn about early mining operations.

Feathered Friends

Learn about some of the common birds at Oregon Ridge. Emphasis will be on adaptations forsurvival, identification, and habitats.

Insects and Their Kin

Discover the often hidden world of insects. Hike to observe hoppers, crawlers, stingers, swimmers, and fliers.

Rock and Minerals

What are some of the rocks and minerals found in the Park? How were these rocks and minerals used by people in the past? Hike to find these rock and mineral formations.

Custom Programs

We can customize any programs listed in this program menu or we can create a program to your specifications; however, we must know well in advance.


Meet and learn about some animal friends that inhabit the Park. Discover where they live, what they eat, and how they protect themselves. Hike to investigate their homes in their local habitat. The above listed programs can be adapted to your pre school or kindergarten group.

Scout Troops

We schedule scout troops on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 am to noon. All prior listedprograms are open to scout troops as well as custom programs that satisfy badge requirements. It would be helpful to our weekend naturalists if you send in a copy of the badge requirements in advance.

Scheduling Your School Trip

Planning for your Group's Visit

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